‘Why I Never Reported The Guy Who Rapped Me’- Khafi Kareem

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BBNaija Khafi Kareem, has taken to twitter to talk about the reason why she never reported the guy who took advantage of her without her consent to the Police or any relative close to her as a guardian.

'Why I Never Reported The Guy Who Rapped Me'- Khafi Kareem

According to Khafi, the guy who raped her apologized immediately after he performed the act & she felt him being drunk was an excuse to cover up the bad deeds done to her.

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The 30-year old reality TV star made these revelation during the twitter hashtag ‘#Whyididntreport‘ & here’s more of her reasons below;

Because he apologised right after. Because I made myself believe him being drunk was an excuse. Because the one person I did tell said I caused it. Because I felt dirty and ashamed.

'Why I Never Reported The Guy Who Rapped Me'- Khafi Kareem

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  1. It’s good to be forgiven but sometimes when someone do something bad you need to be punished so that he will not try it next time at least because I punish you just a little just for him to know what is he does not divide because you can do it to someone else and said same thing to you

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