‘It’s Normal For Nigerian Men To Cheat On Their Wives’- Laura Ikeji

'It's Normal When Nigerian Men Cheat On Their Wives'- Laura Ikeji

Controversial Vlogger and fashion blogger, Laura Ikeji has spoken about the Infidelity happening in most Nigerian Marriages on her YouTube channel which has left her viewers shocked about her contributions as well as her opinions.

According to her words, Laura Ikeji believes that most married women are the most faithful in relationships but she thinks it’s no big deal if a married man gets to cheat with another woman outside his matrimonial home.

However, the 32-year old mother of two also opened up on the fact that Nigerian men who are married are the most generous in many ways and any girl who is lucky to date a filth rich married man, has a lot to benefit in the relationship.

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Laura Ikeji said;

Nigerian married men are the most generous men in the world.

IF you date a Nigerian rich married man, you most likely will be rich because they are very generous.

This is the only country i know that once you date a Sugar Daddy, within two-three months, you’ll get a good house, a good car, they will sponsor your lifestyle, they will fly you abroad, take you places.

She also sarcastically added that a Nigerian man who is not cheating on his wife usually does not look cool.

Watch the video below;

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