‘I Won’t Take Rubbish From Any Yeye Mother-In-Law’- Actress, Mide Martins Says

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Popular Yoruba Actress, Mide Martins has revealed the fact that she’s a no nonsense woman when it comes to family drama.

According to the 41-year old mother, she won’t accept any rubbish or chaotic behaviour coming from the hands of her mother-in-law.

She however made these words known on her official IG page in reaction to a viral meme of her being passed around social media.

It quoted as follows;.

Meet Olanbiwonninu Agbeke Martins – The first woman to engage her mother in-law in physical combat in 1994. She was the first person to reject ‘Olopo’ in her husband’s family house

'I Won't Take Rubbish From Any Yeye Mother-In-Law'- Actress, Mide Martins Says

In response to that, Mide Martins wrote;

Whoever Composed This You’re
Doing Well O. Continue God Dey 😂😂😂
Me Sha Will Not Take Any Rubbish From
Any Yeye Mother-In-Law. If She Pass Her Boundary
I Will Put Her Back In Her Place Chikenah!!!
Emi o ma raye robo-rebe awon iya oko yen
But naa inside film ooooooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  1. One day you will certainly be stupid yeye mother in-law, because you’re laying curse on your own future

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