I Hated My Skin As A Little Girl- Uriel Oputa

I Hated My Skin As A Little Girl- Uriel Oputa

Nigerian female artiste, actress and former Big Brother 2017 housemate, Uriel Ngozi Oputa expresses her dislike as well as her distaste wearing make-ups on her face.

The actress who disclosed her hate for her black skin as a little girl, further revealed that she stopped wearing make-up’s as a result of her Dark skin looking old and breaking out.

Uriel who also said that she felt so ugly with all that foundation, revealed that she grew up going to an all white school which was not easy for her as she was being made fun of.

In her Words;

Did I bleach??? Read!! Pls( Wig 105,000 @uriellondonwigs sorry for any mistakes I’m dyslexic [a learning disorder that involves difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words].
Ok firstly I would like to say thank you to those that reached out to me.
I love my Black skin even tho as a little girl I didn’t, I grew up going to a all white school I was Darkkkkk with dark lips and Naturally dark knuckles I hated my hands to make matters worse They used to tease me. Man hands yuck 😂
I love make up but recently I stopped wearing make Up because my Dark skin started to look old and I was breaking out, I hated my face with make up on, it made me sick. I felt sooo ugly with all that Foundation, So that was it enough No more make up unless I’m going to a major event,
I love my Black skin but I was left with blemishes wrinkles my face looked darker than my body, I neglected my face and covered the flaws with make up.
So I discovered Black soap from Ghana 🥰🥰🥰 I can’t tell you how amazing this soap is, I remember I traveled to Dubai one Africa I went out without makeup 🧐some guy said wow you are beautiful 😂I looked around to see the beautiful person, oh me ?? “Thank you”
Confidence boost wow so I can be beautiful without make up. I started wearing make up at 15 I’m in my 30s
Fast forward today I don’t play with my skin.
My skin care may be expensive to some, from black soap to CHANEL Most of my creams are CHANEL and Clarins I can’t lie I spent money on skin care,also I use sheer oil with lemon, from @cherznaturals her face scrub and all, I scrub my body 3 times a week and never miss my Wax date, I love my skin my brown shine shine make up free skin. So did I really bleach No sorry. What I eat some people can’t I don’t play with my fruits and vegetables I hardly take red meat. Why won’t my skin shine?? I’m praying to reduce my wine intake though😂😂
Plus I bought new lighting which made my face look light in yesterday’s video and my hands dark. Check my stories for today’s video Peace and love Naturally blessed
Ps yes I used a great lighting to take this picture., I’m getting good so pls know this , Now and forever I’m Dark skinned. If you see me in real life you go know na lighting i dey use to snap picture.

Pls Nivea should sign me.

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